Great taste, Great energy!

I always feel so energized after drinking my vegan shake. I feel my body digests this better than whey protein and who doesn't need more greens in their life! Great taste, not too sweet, but sweet enough to not need any extras, like bananas. My favorite vegan protein shake, hands down.

After 3 servings I loved it

Didn't really love it at first, but now I do


I Have MS and sometimes when I take the shake it fills me up and gives me engery and I'm not hungry for a few hours.

vegan shakes

I have tried a lot of protein shakes and I can say that this one is the best one I have tried. the taste is cool i add strawberries in mine to make it taste like a strawberries short cake drink. and it keeps me filled up for a long time.

Vegan Shake

This is the best shake EVER!!! I have been a faithful user of this and although I have tried others when I run out and am waiting on my order to arrive. I never finish the ones I've purchased in stores. Hands down, BEST SHAKE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

The only vegan shake I've ever liked

I'm lactose intolerant, so I have tried various vegan protein shakes. I thought I would never find one I actually enjoyed until I tried this! I spend three times the price of regular vegan protein shakes, but at least I enjoy drinking it.


Can't even begin to describe how thankful I am for Vegan Shake. Having a dairy allergy most of the vegan shakes I've tried taste so gross or are FULL of artificial ingredients. Not only does the Vegan shake taste great, it's sweetened with stevia and I'm so grateful for that as I don't need the extra sugar!

Best Vegan Shake I have ever had!

This shake is great! IDLife has nailed producing the best possible combination of 6 servings of veggies into one scoop AND it takes better than any other Veggie shake that I have tried! I love the fact that I am doing something that is truly good and natural and is a great 4pm snack when I get home from work before I eat dinner and sometimes, it's my fast food replacement for dinner when running to my next meeting!


Great taste!

My favorite

I love the vegan shake even though I'm not a vegan. I love that I'm getting the extra fruits and veggies that I don't normally consume. This product is so much better than even the vegetarian versions I've had in the past. 10 out of 10!!

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