Sleep strips - calming

I use the sleep strips to help me settle down in the evening. I suffer with sleep issues which is anxiety related and the sleep strips actually helps my body settle to a point where I feel calm.

Game Changer

These strips are GREAT! I can always tell such a difference in my sleep/rest when I take them and when I do not!

Sleep Strips

I can't say enough about how my sleep has improved since using the Sleep Strips from ID Life. I no longer get up 2-3 times a night. I put the sleep strip on my tongue 30 minutes prior to wanting to sleep and I sleep for 6-7 hours straight. Thank you ID Life for making something that works for me.

Sleep strips

I like the new packaging on the strips. They don’t crack or get stuck together anymore


So happy and extremely grateful for this Sleep Strip!

During the past few years, falling asleep and staying asleep, in general, were my struggles.

I look forward to heading for bed and to waking up in the morning!

I am a morning person again!! YAY!!


Ah Sleep! YES! I Love Mornings!

I have always been a morning person! I love being able to feel great again in the quiet wee hours before the sun peaks above the horizon! Chirping birds WELCOME!

Always make me feel better

I love these sleep strips. They help me sleep and feel more rested the next day.

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