Chocolate and Peanut Butter

I always order 3 bags of each and I like my chocolate shake with peanut butter and other ways.

Tastes GREAT!!

I love the taste of Chocolate and this helps me stay away from the bad stuff! I drink one of these every morning for my breakfast and it keeps me full til lunch. I wish I could drink more than 12 oz. for my serving that's how good it tastes!

Best shake EVER!

This shake is great! At work, I have it for breakfast at 6:30 am, take my IDNutrition then sip on my Energy drink throughout the morning. I am satisfied until about 2pm! At which time, I eat a delicious, filling Protein Bar and mix Hydrate into some filtered water.

I was on a fast food diet since I was terrible about bringing my own lunch and only have 1/2 hour before being back at my desk and ready to work.

When I get home at 4pm, I drink a Veggie Shake and head for all the events and meetings I have planned for the evening.

My stamina has skyrocketed! I am focused throughout the day and my production is refined so much I am attracting good attention from my Managers!


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