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It truly helps control my cravings...

It truly helps control my cravings...and when I combine LEAN and SLIM+ (power couple) I don't really crave sugar much and don't have much of an appetite for sweets and I don't over eat or indulge in extra carbs, which helps me with my health and body goals.

I can see my abs again

Its been about 5 years since they left lol. I am about 75% finished with my 2nd bottle and I decided to go on the autoship. I have noticed I am eating less and shredding while adding muscle. I am working out a few days a week and taking protein as well but since I added Lean my progress has accelerated. I've tried a ton of the fat burners but kept getting rounder... It made no sense so I gave up on trying out new ones. I may have never tried Lean if it were marketed as a fat burner. Thanks for sharing.

Best product out there

I have been using the lean pills since January and I have had tremendous results from it. I recommend it to everyone looking to a push to help them reach their goal.

Metabolic age dropped younger!

I'm 25. My metabolic age was 35... and from using this and working out for a week, it dropped down to age 27.

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