when i first tried it, i called it my mood enhancer. it helped me not feel so anxious....much better than the medication i was prescribed. Now it helps me get through my night shift.
i ordered for my coworker who wants to try.

Endurance with Energy

Great product used every time before a run both short and long (4miles - 10 miles). I also keep Hydrate in my water pouch to help replenish along the way. Energy gives me the boost I need to also get through a tough strength training workout. Such a great product for someone who likes clean ingredients.

Energy that keeps you going

I love the energy because it gives just enough to get me thru my day without the crash. I don't feel like I'm given a rush for just a small amount of time but it actually lasts for a few hours after drinking it and there's no jitters or tingly after effects.

Berry Flavor - Energy

The Berry flavor for the Energy is really good and I look forward to it every day.

A healthy coffee alternative

I have cut down my coffee consumption by half since I found this product. It's a great "grab and go" product - just pour a scoop of powder into an water bottle, shake and go. Tastes great and gives me great energy that ramps up as opposed to a big jolt. No crash with this, and I like the fact that is no sugar as well.

No more afternoon crash!

IDLife's Energy Drink has made a huge difference in the way I get through my day! In the past, I would consume close to 10 cups of coffee a day. YIKES! When I first tried IDEnergy I was skeptical. I've heard horror stories from people who would consume energy drinks and I didn't want to deal with jitters and crashing like they claimed would happen. I was over the moon when I tried our energy drink and now it's become a part of my daily routine. For the most part, I will have one every day around 2 pm; the time when I really need a pick-me-up. This drink makes me feel incredible. No jitters, no crash. It gives me mental focus and clarity; something I didn't even realize I was lacking. It gives me that natural energy boost to get through my day without skipping a beat and it tastes amazing!! Since adding IDEnergy into my daily routine, I now consume maybe 1 or 2 cups of coffee a day. That was a huge life-changing moment for me! If you are looking for a natural pick-me-up, without all the junk other products contain, try IDLife's Energy drink! You'll be glad you did!!

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